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About us
INTERSCIENCE is a major player in the field of microbiological analysis for the food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, medical, environmental and chemical industries, research institutes and universities since 1979.
Designer and manufacturer, we provide labs with scientific equipment to guarantee safe products for consumption.
Our French family business is run by co-CEO brothers Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques with today with 100 colleagues working today on 5 premises : Saint Nom (78), Mourjou (15) in France; Boston (USA); Singapore and Shanghai (China).

Our products
Our products are used in microbiological analyses labs to test any sample enabling the research of contaminants and pathogens. They are largely used in the agrofood industry to check if the products are safe for consumption and in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, clinical and veterinary industries to test the efficiency of creams and medecines for example. They also equip labs in hospitals, universities, research centers, private and public labs.

Worldwide company
We are proud to export more than 80% of our production in more than 120 countries thanks to a young sales team speaking many languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian…) and a worldwide distribution network. Each year we release new products with a number of international
patents and meet new clients at one of the 20 shows we participate in every year.

Our values
Our spirit is to offer our partners and customers high quality products and the best service worldwide.
We have built a solid reputation of a company with innovative products meeting success because they are adapted to the user’s needs. Since the beginning we have had a passion for research and development and looking for profit has never been the main goal. We are also proud to provide our teams with the best work environment and have designed an ecological surrounding for our research center and factory.

How it all started
The company was founded in 1979 by François Jalenques, a physicist fond of entrepreneurship. He started by promoting an innovative plating method for the research of contaminants and pathogens for the agro-food and pharmaceutical industries. The factory and R&D center was then created in his ancestor’s village in the south of France to start an industrial revival.
His sons, Emmanuel and Jules started working with him and today run the company together.


François Jalenques, french physicist, creates INTERSCIENCE to manufacture and sell high-quality equipment for quality control in microbiology

The first automatic Spiral plater is launched with Dr. Ed Campbell to automate the routine work of bacterial enumeration

A comprehensive range of BagMixer® lab blenders is launched:
MiniMix (100 mL, sample up to 10 g)
BagMixer (400 mL, sample up to 40 g)
JumboMix (3500 mL, sample up to 400 g)

Creation of INTERSCIENCE USA/Canada
Boston, USA

Launching of Scan high-tech automatic colony counters

Creation of INTERSCIENCE China
Shanghai, China

Launching of easySpiral, 3rd generation of Spiral platers for automatic plating of Petri dishes:
full plating cycle in 25 seconds!

Launching of FlexiPump, range of dispensing pumps for culture media preparation
Launching of easySpiral Dilute, world’s first automatic diluter and plater

35th anniversary and inauguration of a new manufacturing site in Mourjou, France

Launching of DiluFlow range gravimetric dilutors

Launching of Scan 4000, automatic HD colony counter and inhibition zone reader

Winner of “Innovation Trophees” at Forum Labo show, in Paris, France

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